Start with multi-style electric louver ventilation blades to provide knowledge points when selecting ventilation equipment

Time: 2020-01-13
Summary: The blades are made of different materials such as transparent or frosted glass to achieve different visual effects. The glass hundred pages can be used instead of the glass curtain wall, which not only overcomes the disadvantage that the curtain wall cannot be opened, but also keeps it crystal clear. Take a look at the overview of the characteristics of ventilation with Tianjin electric louver ventilation manufacturers, and know that there will be direction when choosing.
1. Freely control the ventilation effect
The blades that can be adjusted at 90 degrees have a strong guiding effect on the wind direction and can control the degree of ventilation at will. Make your space full of breeze forever, at the same time, you can achieve natural ventilation without taking up too much space.
2.Energy saving and environmental protection
Different rooms can maintain ventilation with each other, and open at a small angle while maintaining private space.
3. Beautiful effect
Available with different materials (glass, PC, PVC, etc.), colors or other louvers to achieve a variety of beautiful effects.
4.Easy to install and clean
Each louver can be disassembled, and the blade can be cleaned after being disassembled, which is convenient for installation.
5. Multiple opening methods
Blinds can be combined with doors and windows to form half-push doors / windows, casement doors / windows, etc.
6.It can be completely closed after the system is closed
With multi-layer functions such as heat insulation, heat insulation, and noise reduction, it can completely replace traditional shutters. It is particularly effective for outdoor shading such as windows and curtain walls.

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